Performance Improvement 2001. CONQUEST Evaluation: Final Report


The Computerized Needs Oriented Quality Measurement Evaluation System (CONQUEST) is a quality improvement software tool that provides information on 1,200 clinical performance measures, both process and outcomes, on more than 50 conditions. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) promotes CONQUEST as a tool for improving the quality of health care provided to the U.S. population through dissemination of the software. Its more immediate objectives are to improve the state of clinical performance measurement and to promote greater standardization in clinical performance measurement. This evaluation was requested by AHRQ to provide information on how CONQUEST 2.0 was being received and used by the audiences that the Agency had targeted and reached (e.g., health plans, health care providers, policy makers, employers, and other government agencies). The study found that at the time the survey was fielded, only about 10 percent of recipients were actually using CONQUEST. One of the barriers to use was that people did not have the time to learn how to use the software and many suggested that more than a brief demonstration and self-instructional materials need to be available if persons are to be encouraged to use the software. Other suggestions and recommendations include making the software a web-based operation, training for first-time users and developing a better description of what the CONQUEST software is and what it is not.

AGENCY SPONSOR: Center for Quality Measurement and Improvement

FEDERAL CONTACT: Marge Keyes, 301-594-1824

PIC ID: 7010

PERFORMER: Research Triangle Institute, Research Triangle Park, NC