Performance Improvement 2001. Assessment of State Laws, Regulations and Practices Affecting the Collection and Reporting of Racial and Ethnic Data by Health Insurers and Managed Care Plans


Not having racial and ethnic (r/e) data collected by health insurers and managed care organizations (MCOs) has led to a dearth of r/e data to assess the health status, access to and quality of health services for minorities, as well as the inability to monitor progress towards eliminating racial and ethnic disparities. This project includes a comprehensive review of: (1) the extent to which MCOs and health insurers can collect and report information on the applicants and enrolled members by race and ethnicity; (2) existing interpretation of state laws and regulations governing these entities; (3) parameters and overlap of civil rights versus insurance and managed care laws; and (4) practices of the state officials and these entities at the state level. A database search will be conducted in all 50 states and the District of Columbia to search for state laws and regulations which allow, require and/or prohibit the collection of r/e data. The findings developed in this project will clarify needed steps to develop a system to monitor progress towards the elimination of health disparities, one of the Nation's health promotion and disease prevention goals for the next decade.


AGENCY SPONSOR: Office of Minority Health

FEDERAL CONTACT: Violet Ryo-Hwa Woo, 301-443-9923

PIC ID: 7479

PERFORMER: National Health Law Program, Washington, D.C.