Performance Improvement 2001. Assessment of HRSA's Distance Learning Program


This project is the initial phase of a longer-term effort to evaluate the effectiveness of HRSA's many efforts to disseminate information and provide education and training through various distance learning techniques. To inform this eventual assessment, this project will: (1) provide a review of relevant literature on the relative effectiveness of different distance learning approaches; (2) catalogue HRSA's dissemination and distance learning programmatic efforts to determine the methods and purposes for which they are used; (3) examine the data currently being collected on these efforts and the utility of those data; (4) determine additional data and analytical needs; and (5) recommend designs for an evaluative study.


AGENCY SPONSOR: Maternal and Child Health Bureau

FEDERAL CONTACT: Jacob Tenenbaum, 301-443-9011

PIC ID: 7114

PERFORMER: The Lewin Group, Falls Church, VA