Performance Improvement 2001. Analysis of Administrative Data on Families Receiving Welfare and Diversion Assistance under the Work First Program: Fourth Quarterly Report


This report is the fourth in a series of quarterly reports involving analysis of administrative data for the Evaluation of the Work First Program. The data examined in the reports are derived from the administrative data systems maintained by the North Carolina Division of Social Services, the North Carolina Employment Security Commission, and other state agencies. The overall goal was to examine patterns of welfare participation, employment, earnings, and other key outcomes among families who enter and leave the Work First program, and persons who receive Diversion Assistance. The study found significant variations among the counties in the number of diversions in relation to overall TANF caseloads; families in the Work First cohorts continue to leave welfare earlier than the original AFDC cohort; within 18 months after leaving welfare, fewer Work First families returned to case assistance than did families in the AFDC exit cohort. There were no differences between the AFDC exit cohort and the three Work First exit cohorts in terms of rates of employment at different times after leaving welfare. Employment rates continued to be stable at between 60 and 65 percent.

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