Performance Improvement 2000. State Children's Health Insurance Program


An Analysis of Implementation Issues Relating to CHIP Cost-Sharing Provisions for Certain Targeted Low Income Children

Title XXI of the Social Security Act permits State Children's Health Insurance Programs (CHIP) to impose cost sharing on beneficiaries, when the program is not an expansion of the State's Medicaid program. (Under Medicaid, cost-sharing for services to children is prohibited.) This project analyzes cost-sharing models that can be used by States to track cumulative out-of-pocket expenditures for State CHIP activities and employer-based health insurance plans that participate in CHIP; and reviews findings from studies that examine the relationships among health insurance premiums, cost-sharing arrangements, and enrollment and utilization by low income families. Findings will inform guidance for States in designing cost-sharing provisions for the CHIP plans.

AGENCY SPONSOR: Office of the Administrator


PIC ID: 7129

PERFORMER: George Washington University
Washington, DC