The Case Identification Challenge in Measuring Performance in Breast Cancer Care

It may not be difficult to realize the importance of valid measures of the performance of medical providers, groups, and plans, however, the challenges of valid performance measurement are not as easily understood. The purpose of this paper is to inform and assist cancer care providers' responses to these challenges by clarifying the issues critical to one area of performance measurement, case identification, and recommending possible strategies for handling these issues. Case identification is an important and complex undertaking. Registry rapid case ascertainment has considerable potential for accurately producing the information needed. Performance measurement researchers would be well-advised to work closely with cancer registry officials to realize this potential. Improving the understanding of critical steps in case identification across health services research, clinical settings, pathology laboratories, registries, and hospital management is likely to generate more valid data at lower costs, data which can be used with confidence to assess and improve care delivered to patients with breast cancer.

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