Performance Improvement 2000. Outcomes and Effectiveness


The Outcome of Outcomes Research at AHCPR

Intended for use in ongoing discussions of strategic directions for the outcomes research program, this report covers three main topics: (1) a conceptual framework for understanding and communicating the impact of outcomes and effectiveness research (OER) on health care practice and outcomes; (2) a critical analysis of accomplishments and lessons learned over the past decade; and (3) a list of recommendations intended to maintain AHCPR strengths while increasing the measurable impact of future research. The primary questions examined by this analysis are, "How can the outcomes and effectiveness program at AHCPR most effectively advance the field of Health Services Research (HSR), fulfill its unique role in HSR, contribute to improved public health, and address the expectations of policymakers and stakeholders?" "The Outcome of Outcomes Research at AHCPR" is a first step to redefining the goals of OER, as well as an honest appraisal of prior successes and opportunities for improvement.

AGENCY SPONSOR: Center for Outcomes and Effectiveness Research

FEDERAL CONTACT: Clancy, Carolyn M.

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