Performance Improvement 2000. Maternal and Child Health


Infant Mortality Prevention in American Indian Communities: Northern Plains Healthy Start

This report is part of a national cross-site evaluation of the 15 funded demonstration projects funded by HRSA on the Healthy Start program regarding infant mortality. Because the Northern Plains project exhibits features unique to rural Indian communities, such as a higher incidence of post-neonatal mortality, and because it is so large and complex, the evaluation team conducted a special study of Northern Plains Healthy Start (NPHS). As with the broader national study, the NPHS evaluation draws on multiple data sources, analyzing data from site visits, focus groups, the project's client data system, a post-partum survey, and vital statistics. The data from the report do not demonstrate a significant impact on infant mortality from the NPHS program. However, there were significant project effects on the adequacy of prenatal care and the incidence of adolescent pregnancy.

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