HCFA On-Line: Market Research for Providers--Final Focus Group Report on the Managed Care Module

This report describes findings from focus group meetings with Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) held to help inform HCFA about: (1) what information managed care plans and providers need and want, and (2) how such information can most effectively be provided. This report summarizes common issues/themes which emerged and provides insight about the following key questions: (1) How do HMO communications with HCFA compare to and contrast with their communications with the plan's largest group purchaser (or other group with which the HMO regularly communicates)?; (2) What new information would HMOs like to receive from HCFA; (3) What sources do HMOs rely on to get information about Medicare?; (4) How would HMOs like to receive information from HCFA?; (5) What are HMOs' general experiences in communication with HCFA representatives? and (6) What one recommendation to HCFA would HMOs make to improve HCFA's communications? In general, HMOs indicated a desire to work more collaboratively with HCFA and to increase opportunities for HMOs to communicate with HCFA. According to focus group participants, improvements in communications are needed to clarify HCFA's message and to ensure the consistency and timeliness of communications. (See PIC ID 6921)

AGENCY SPONSOR: Office of Strategic Planning

FEDERAL CONTACT: Terrell, Sherry

PIC ID: 6921.1

PERFORMER: Westat, Inc.
Rockville, MD