Development of Estimates of Unduplicated Annual Administrative Report Client Counts Based Upon Client-Level Demonstration Projects

This report provides estimates for the degree of duplication in the Annual Administrative Report (AAR) database in the number of clients receiving Title I and Title II Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency Care Act (CARE) services. The goal of the research was to develop and test statistical models for predicting unduplicated counts of clients receiving the services using the information contained in the Annual Administrative Report (AAR) and to determine the degree that the aggregate AAR data overestimates the number of clients served with Ryan White funds. These estimates were needed for evaluation and information purposes, including the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA). Estimates were needed for the number of clients by state and for the nation. The overestimate was calculated at 37 percent, thus reducing the total of AAR clients reported in 1996 to 502,064. Thus, the Ryan White program managed to serve a little over half (55.5 percent) of the 950,000 people who had HIV in the United States in 1996. The regression analysis model developed in the study was a significant improvement over other methods.



PIC ID: 6808

PERFORMER: Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
Boston, MA