Getting Started for 2010

Through a series of audio conferences, the Public Health Foundation (PHF), under contract with the HHS Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, provided technical supports to states, localities, and communities in establishing and measuring their 2010 health objectives. The first program, which specifically targeted State and territorial Healthy People State contacts, provided an overview of Healthy People 2010, facilitated States' involvement in the national objectives review and comment process, and engaged participants in a discussion of the facilitators and barriers to objectives development at the State level. Subsequent audioconferences focused on more specific topics such as data needs and resources, State/local linkages, and developing State plans. Information presented through these programs and gathered through participant feedback were organized and made available to States and localities to provide continued technical assistance in setting 2010 health objectives. This project produced five reports. (See also 6326, 6326.1)

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Leading Health Indicators for Healthy People 2010: Final Report

Healthy People is well established as the Nation's prevention agenda and as a scorecard for monitoring health status. The development of new national goals and objectives for 2010 provided an opportunity to build upon Healthy People by identifying a small set of health indicators that would be understandable to the public and could be used to reflect and draw public attention to progress. These indicators should increase understanding of Healthy People and should be a useful tool for monitoring America's health. Because the leading health indicators form a highly visible and potentially actionable part of the Nation's health objectives for 2010, it was important that the indicators reflect the input of the scientific community as well as policymakers and the public. Thus, the Institute of Medicine convened a panel of experts in public health practice, epidemiology, data sources, performance monitoring, statistics, public policy, among others to develop criteria for leading health indicators and proposed three sets: Health Determinants and Outcomes, Life Course Determinants, and Prevention- Oriented. HHS drew on the IOM recommendations to identify the 10 Healthy People 2010 Leading Health Indicators.

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