Wired for Health and Well-Being: The Emergence of Interactive Health Communication

Interactive Health Communication (IHC) is the interaction of an individual--consumer, patient, caregiver, or professional-- with or through an electronic device or communication technology to access or transmit health information, or to receive or provide guidance and support on a health-related issue. IHC applications include health information and support websites and other technology-mediated applications that relay information, enable informed decisionmaking, promote healthy behaviors, promote information exchange and support, promote self-care, or manage demand for health services. The rapid evolution of IHC raises many questions about its impact on public health and health care and our ability to evaluate it. This report summarizes the potential risks and benefits of IHC, the underlying science or evidence base for IHC, mechanisms for improving IHC quality and effectiveness, appropriate roles and responsibilities for IHC stakeholders, and relevant major policy and research issues. The report also presents the Panel's consensus recommendations about national initiatives that are needed to achieve a preferred future for IHC.

AGENCY SPONSOR: Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion


PIC ID: 6327

PERFORMER: Social and Health Services, Ltd.
Rockville MD