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Scientific Evaluation of Dietary Reference Intakes

The National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Medicine, Food and Nutrition Board is conducting a multi-phase scientific evaluation of human nutrient requires that: (1) evaluates requirements and dietary and supplement intake data for nutrients and non-nutrient food components, (2) develops Dietary references intakes where data are available, (3) provides guidance for how these values should be used in various applications of clinical and public health importance, and (4) identifies research needs. Multi-agency participation is facilitated by an OS/OPHS requirements contract and interagency steering committee. OPHS evaluation funds have supported completed reports on folate and other B vitamins (9/96 to 3/98); dietary antioxidants and related compounds (9/97 to 12/99). Evaluations are underway on micro nutrients (9/98 to 12/00) and macro nutrients (fat, carbohydrate, protein (9/99 -6/00).

AGENCY SPONSOR: Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

FEDERAL CONTACT: Castro, Elizabeth C.

PIC ID: 6323

PERFORMER: National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Medicine
Washington, DC