The Future of OPPE and the OPPE of the Future: OPPE Strategic Planning Pilot

This study was conducted to improve the functioning of the Office of Program Planning and Evaluation (OPPE) within the Centers for Disease Control so that it might better respond to the requirements of the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) as well as to the needs of the agency. After conducting strategic planning and organizational assessments, a plan of goal-oriented action was reached. Recommendations included: improving both internal and external communication and developing data capacity in support of finding solutions. To improve decisionmaking, recommendations included designating a senior staff to work as a team in support of new projects, developing a timely and effective way to keep the director aware of important issues requiring the attention of senior management, and creating a more fluid organizational structure which would allow a flexible response to unpredictable events as well as a reliable response to predictable events, increasing reliance on a team approach to accomplish goals. Emphasis should be placed on involving leadership to direct tangible actions to accomplish underlying change.

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