Welfare Reform Conference: Summary Report

The Regional Health Administrator, Public Health Service (PHS) Region V, in collaboration with the Public Health Practice Program Office of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), will provide partial support for a project entitled, "Welfare Reform: Early Detection, Prevention, and Health Promotion Interventions for Local Health Departments in Alabama". The University of Alabama School of Public Health, in collaboration with the Alabama Department of Public Health, conducted a one-day conference at the Bell South Operations Center in Birmingham on April 22, 1998 for 155 sub- State public health administrators, supervisory nursing and social work personnel, and senior state staff. The conference ensured that participants: (1) understood provisions of the new welfare legislation affecting public health systems, (2) recognized events and trends in the health status of local populations affected by the new welfare legislation, (3) employed appropriate prevention and health education strategies to mitigate negative effects of the new welfare legislation, and (4) assessed the effects of their interventions. Satellite downlinks extended the conference to staff of most county health departments in the state. Pre- and post-test questionnaires assessed gains in participant knowledge. A post-conference survey identified improvements in job performance and public health practice relative to conference objectives.

AGENCY SPONSOR: Office of the Regional Director, Region V


PIC ID: 6686

PERFORMER: University of Alabama, School of Public Health
Birmingham, AL