TITLE: Evaluation of the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute's Short-Term Training for Minority Students Program

ABSTRACT: In recognition of the need to increase the number of under-represented minority individuals pursuing advanced degrees in the biomedical and behavioral sciences, the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) established the Short-Term Training for Minority Students Program (STMSP). The STMSP is designed to accomplish the following three goals: (1) Provide minority undergraduate and graduate students, and students in health professional schools exposure to opportunities inherent in research careers in areas relevant to cardiovascular, pulmonary, and hematologic health and diseases, transfusion medicine, and sleep disorders. (2) Attract highly qualified minority students into biomedical and behavioral research careers in the areas of heart, lung and blood health, transfusion medicine, and sleep disorders. (3) Bolster the already short supply of qualified minority investigators. This project presents evaluation results of the STMSP to determine its effectiveness and identify ways in which the program might be improved. (See also PIC ID 6118)

AGENCY SPONSOR: National Heart,Lung,and Blood Institute


PHONE NUMBER: 301-402-3421

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TITLE: Evaluation of the National Institute of Mental Health Training Programs for Minority Students

ABSTRACT: To addresss the training needs related to minority scientists in the mental health fields of behavioral science and neuroscience, the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) established training programs for talented honors undergraduate, racial/ethnic minority students to encourage them to choose research careers in mental health disciplines. Other approaches to facilitating the training of racial/ethnic minority behavioral and neuroscience undertaken by NIMH include short-term summer research training and predoctoral training that supports the Minority Fellowship Program at National Professional Associations in nursing, sociology, psychology, and social work. An evaluation of these various mechanisms was conducted to assess their impact on the numbers of students who participate in early career training, their contributions to the conduct of the research-related mission of the NIMH, and to identify, the program elements that have most heavily influenced these outcomes. The purpose of this contract is to provide guidance to the Office for Special Populations on appropriate evaluation strategies based on NIMH program records, available databases and consultation with program staff, and to design and demonstrate the feasibility of a tracking system for such information.

AGENCY SPONSOR: National Institute of Mental Health

FEDERAL CONTACT: Sherman L. Ragland

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PERFORMER ORGANIZATION: Jones, James M., Ph.D. Silver Spring, MD