Performance Improvement 1999. Substance Abuse Treatment


TITLE: Services Research Outcomes Study

ABSTRACT: The Services Research Outcomes Study (SROS), the first nationally representative study of substance abuse treatment outcomes, confirms that both drug use and criminal behavior are reduced following drug abuse treatment--inpatient, outpatient and residential. The purpose of the study was to determine whether or not drug treatments are effective. These findings were determined through a survey of 1,799 (71.4 percent male and 28.6 percent female) persons. Substance abuse histories on each of the clients were provided by a nationwide sample of 99 drug treatment facilities. All 1,799 clients were interviewed five years following discharge from drug abuse treatment and are representative of the 976,012 individuals discharged from treatment in 1990. The SROS is the first among a series of outcome studies to include a nationally representative sample of drug treatment programs located in rural, suburban and urban locations. Major findings include: (1) the overall drop in the use of any illicit drug following treatment was 21 percent; (2) the decrease in post-treatment substance abuse was larger among females than males; (3) adolescents were the exception, showing a 13 percent increase in alcohol abuse and a 202 percent increase in crack use following treatment; and (4) those remaining in treatment the longest were more likely to reduce or eliminate abuse of substances following treatment. Further findings include the impact of substance abuse treatment on criminal behavior and lifestyle changes.

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