Performance Improvement 1999. Substance Abuse Prevention


TITLE: Outcome Evaluation for the Community Partnership Program

ABSTRACT: This 48-community study was the largest Federally-funded, community-based substance abuse prevention and health promotion trial ever conducted. This rigorous, large-scale evaluation collected outcome data from a random sample of more than 83,000 adults and youth (i.e. 8th and 10th graders). The primary objective of this study was to determine if community partnerships are an effective means by which to prevent substance abuse among both young people and adults. Using both sophisticated analyses and field-based case studies, researchers compared the outcomes of 24 community partnership programs funded by the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP), with 24 comparison communities without partnerships. The study identified the following characteristics of effective community partnerships: (1) a comprehensive, widely-shared vision, (2) a strong core of committed partners, (3) an inclusive and broad-based membership, (4) avoidance or resolution of severe conflict, (5) decentralized units that encourage implementing prevention programs, (6) low staff turnover, and (7) extensive prevention activities and support for local prevention policies. The report also found that community partnerships also promoted environmental change by: (1) supporting local policies aimed at reducing drug availability or increasing penalties for drug use; (2) influencing coverage of local events by mass media to emphasize constructive and positive images of local life; (3) coordinating a comprehensive array of services that are delivered in a "one-stop" shopping model; and (4) using slogans, posters, billboards, T-shirts, cultural events, and hotlines to raise community awareness of the hazards of drug use. (Final report and appendices bound separately; variously paginated.)

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