Performance Improvement 1999. Prevention Services


TITLE: Evaluation of Village-Based Women's Preventive Health Services by Community Health Aides/Practitioners

ABSTRACT: The purpose of this study was to evaluate two related pilot project initiatives recently implemented to increase the prevalence of cervical and breast cancer screening and STD screening, and reduce tobacco use among Native women in isolated villages in Southwest rural Alaska. This project was of highest priority because it was directed toward reducing the excess morbidity and mortality from preventable diseases such as lung cancer, cervical cancer, breast cancer and sexually transmitted diseases. The projects were implemented through Community Health Aides/Practitioners (CHA/Ps) in village-based clinics. Long term, comprehensive evaluation was needed to determine if the Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation (YKHC), the largest health corporation in rural Alaska, should expand access to these village-based preventive health services through additional community health training of all CHA/Ps in the region. Approximately 1,400 women over 18 years of age, predominantly Yup'ik Eskimo, in eight out of the 50 remote village communities served by the YKHC, participated. Eight CHA/Ps in four of these communities had training at the end of August, 1995 and the middle of September, 1995 to enable them to acquire skills necessary to provide preventive health services in the clinic, and also received services normally provided by itinerant health workers. Overall, the evaluation of the pilot project initiatives demonstrates that it is feasible to increase access to the selected health services for women in the Y-K Delta by providing carefully planned, advanced training and an ongoing support program for CHA/Ps.

AGENCY SPONSOR: Office of Public Health, Staff Office of Planning, Evaluation and Research


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PERFORMER ORGANIZATION: Alaska Native Health Services Anchorage, AK