Performance Improvement 1999. Performance Measurement


TITLE: Inventory of DHHS Performance Measures-Phase II-Data Collection/Testing and Analysis

ABSTRACT: As part of an effort to prepare an inventory of health care performance measures, the final report of Phase II (of three) in the department recommends that: (1) data collection forms and instructions used during Phase II be reviewed with the objective of eliminating or simplifying data elements and response categories; (2) agency staff charged with completing forms or using software packages to enter their performance measures receive additional training; (3) more time be allocated for data collection, since the individuals who should be completing the entries tend to be those staff members most busy within their agencies; and (4) the appropriate representative in each participating agency recruit those who will be asked to complete the forms and ask them to attend a training session. See also PIC ID 6691 and 6691.2 (Final report 19 pages plus appendices.)

AGENCY SPONSOR: Center for Quality Measurement and Improvement


PHONE NUMBER: 301-594-1349

PIC ID: 6691.1

PERFORMER ORGANIZATION: Center for Health Policy Studies Columbia, MD