Performance Improvement 1999. Occupational Safety


TITLE: Effective Health and Safety Promotion: Evaluation of NIOSH Small Business Interventions

ABSTRACT: Successful National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) small business interventions entail the adoption of the controls and changes in work practices suggested by NIOSH research. This report analyzes a number of self-described successful interventions and elicits specific lines of action that appear to be associated with successes, in order to provide theoretical hypotheses and practical guidance to inform the practices of NIOSH technical staff. Four NIOSH initiatives were identified for case study: (1) asphalt paving, (2) furniture stripping, (3) radiator repair, and (4) brake repair. Targeted interviews were conducted between June and December 1997, with a range of informants including manufacturing partners, industry trade associations, trade and other relevant publications, and other State and/or government partners. The report concludes that, across the four case studies, the following patterns emerge and seem to be related to successful behavioral change and/or adoption of control technology: (1) involving relevant trade associations and critical industry partners as early as possible, (2) including steps that specify intended promotion/education channels in the earliest stages of NIOSH activities, (3) involving communications specialists in NIOSH initiatives whenever and as early as possible, (4) supporting the dissemination phase of a project, and (5) recognizing when an industry is not ready for an intervention, or when the NIOSH proposal does not accord with industry needs. (Executive summary 10 pages; final report 26 pages bound separately.)

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