Performance Improvement 1999. National Health Service Corps


TITLE: Effectiveness of the National Health Service Corps

ABSTRACT: The purpose of this project is to evaluate the effectiveness of the National Health Service Corps (NHSC), including examination of the various mechanisms for training and recruiting providers, placing them in underserved areas, and retaining them in primary care and related professions. Prior studies have tended to define NHSC "effectiveness" narrowly, e.g., using retention at a particular site as a measure. Current and alumni clinicians and administrators of sites staffed with NHSC clinicians are providing information for the study. Study findings will be used in policy development and program management, and in developing the proposal for new authorizing legislation, needed as of October 2000.

AGENCY SPONSOR: Bureau of Primary Health Care

FEDERAL CONTACT: Richard Niska, M.D.

PHONE NUMBER: 301-594-4204

PIC ID: 6357

PERFORMER ORGANIZATION: Mathematica Policy Research, Inc. Washington, D.C.