Performance Improvement 1999. Minority Health


TITLE: Development of a Public Health Surveillance Plan to Evaluate CDC Activities in the Atlanta Empowerment Zone

ABSTRACT: In 1994, Atlanta was one of six U.S. cities awarded funding under the Administration's Empowerment Zone initiative to revitalize inner-city and rural communities. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) began work with partner agencies in the Atlanta area in support of public health initiatives in the Atlanta Empowerment Zone (AEZ). The CDC's Epidemiology Program Office (EPO) contracted with the Research Triangle Institute to provide support services for the development of evaluations for CDC efforts in the AEZ. This report focuses on two CDC initiatives in the AEZ: (1) the development of the data aggregation system for decision support; and (2) the development of a partnership to start a community-based initiative to prevent and manage childhood asthma. Under contract with CDC's Public Health Practice Program Office (PHPPO), the contractor developed a prototype computer-based system that aggregates, analyzes, and displays data at the level of the AEZ, neighborhood, or other small geographic unit. AN assessment of current community health surveillance and subsequent surveillance system modification is critical in monitoring project activity implementation, measuring the impact on health and the quality of life, and developing a body of knowledge that can be applied to other communities. The study concludes that: (1) to maintain and use the prototype aggregation system requires addressing many data issues and investing substantial resources, capability and commitment; and (2) the development of the asthma partnership initiative demonstrates the need to recognize that a large number of partners involves tradeoffs, such as a long development period and the need for substantial coordination. (Final report variously paginated.)

AGENCY SPONSOR: Office of Program Planning and Evaluation

FEDERAL CONTACT: Scott F. Wetterhall, M.D.

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PERFORMER ORGANIZATION: Research Triangle Institute Research Park, NC and MEDSTAT Group Washington, D.C.