Performance Improvement 1999. Medical Devices


TITLE: Readership Survey Analysis for the FDA Public Health Advisory: Interference Between Digital TV Transmitters and Medical Telemetry Systems

ABSTRACT: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Center for Devices and Radiological Health uses Safety and Public Health Advisories to transmit information pertaining to radiological health risks of medical devices to health care practitioners. A randomly selected sample of 308 recipients of the Public Health Advisory entitled, "Interference Between TV Transmissions and Medical Telemetry Systems" were surveyed. The purpose of the survey was to help the Center evaluate the format and content of the advisory, as well as its effectiveness as a means of communication. Most respondents felt that the problem addressed in the advisory was clearly identified, easily understood, timely, useful, and that actions for reducing risks were clearly enumerated. Approximately 37 percent of the sample group reported that they had taken actions to eliminate or reduce risk as a result of the advisory. The most commonly reported reason for not taking action was that the subject matter of the advisory was not applicable. An annual survey will continue to be conducted in order to determine the impact of safety alerts and public health advisories on the behavior and knowledge of the recipients. The collection and reporting of these data are important steps in determining how well the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is communicating risk.

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