Performance Improvement 1999. Injury/Violence Prevention


TITLE: Assessment of Violence Technical Assessment to Health Departments

ABSTRACT: The National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (NCIPC) at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides technical assistance to all State and local health departments interested in developing and evaluating violence prevention programs. This report assesses the needs of the 50 State health departments for violence prevention technical assistance compared with the ad hoc services provided by the NCIPC. The contractor developed and sent a questionnaire to the State and Territorial Injury Prevention Directors Association (STIPDA) representative in each of the 50 State health departments. The representative was asked to complete the questionnaire or deliver it to the person most appropriate for the task. A 100 percent response rate was achieved. The report finds that: (1) 64 percent of State health departments lack formal centralized management or coordination of violence prevention within a single unit or person; (2) the types of violence prevention efforts vary considerably in the types and the number of activities undertaken; (3) State departments clearly identify a few top priority needs for technical assistance; and (4) 70 percent of State health departments report having received technical assistance in violence prevention from the CDC within the past five years. Although State health departments are diverse in their approaches to violence prevention programs, they identified a set of top priority needs for technical assistance, and articulated a set of coherent suggestions for future technical assistance. The study suggests that the CDC can be productive in advancing violence prevention among the State health departments by providing focused efforts in technical assistance. (Final report 48 pages plus appendices.)

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TITLE: Evaluation of the WomanKind Program: Support Systems for Battered Women

ABSTRACT: The purpose of this study was to conduct an evaluation of the Minnesota-based WomanKind program to identify the extent to which this program influenced the quality of intervention provided by health care professionals to IPV victims. Specifically, the study assessed the program on four critical variables: (1) the extent to which health care providers reported increased capacity and motivation to screen and identify IPV victims; (2) reported confidence in their ability to assist IPV victims; (3) increased documentation in patient records of the physical. (Executive summary, final report, and appendices are independently bound.)

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