Performance Improvement 1999. Infectious Disease


TITLE: Disease and Injury Prevention and Health Promotion in Elder Care: Needs and Opportunities as Perceived by Elder Care Providers, the Elderly, and their Families

ABSTRACT: As the American population ages, the health and safety of the aging population presents new concerns for the elderly and their families. This study identifies interests of the elderly, their families, and elder care providers in selected areas of health and safety to inform the development of a handbook delineating the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) policies and recommendations in disease prevention and health promotion in elder care settings. Focus groups provided the data for this report, which examines: (1) topics of interest in preventing disease and injury and promoting healthy behaviors; (2) the role of public health agencies in encouraging health and safety through consultation, inspection, regulation, and similar mechanisms; (3) opportunities to educate the elderly, their families and elder care providers in disease prevention and health promotion; and (4) opportunities for direct delivery of prevention and public health services through elder care settings, especially for the elderly in medically underserved areas. The report concludes that: (1) the handbook should have common sections on basic health and safety information and other sections specific to the needs of the elderly and their care givers; (2) the format of the report should include large print, easy access to information, and clear graphics; (3) while care givers would appreciate classes and seminars, this format has no appeal for the elderly themselves; and (4) a lack of public awareness about public health agencies limits their potential usefulness as a source of information. (Final report variously paginated.)

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