TITLE: Immunization Related KAPs of Primary Care Provider

ABSTRACT: The main objective of this study was to obtain information that can be used to assess changes in primary care providers' levels of knowledge about immunization programs and the extent to which these physicians' attitudes and practices have been affected by the programs and policies of the NIP, CDC, and other U.S. Public Health Services programs. Two independent national surveys of primary health care providers in the U.S. were conducted. Data collected in these surveys were then used to investigate the association between medical specialty, license type and perceived level of immunization coverage and physicians' practice characteristics, attitudes, opinions, and adopted practices. Major study findings are organized according to these categories. See also PIC ID 5930. (Final report 39 pages plus appendices.)

AGENCY SPONSOR: National Immunization Program

FEDERAL CONTACT: Jorge Rosenthal, Ph.D.

PHONE NUMBER: 404-639-8218

PIC ID: 5930.1

PERFORMER ORGANIZATION: Battelle Corporation Arlington, VA