Performance Improvement 1999. Healthy People 2010


TITLE: Developing Leading Health Indicators for Healthy People 2010

ABSTRACT: Healthy People is well established as the Nation's prevention agenda and as a scorecard for monitoring health status. The development of new national goals and objectives for 2010 provides an opportunity to build upon Healthy People by identifying a small set of leading health indicators that can be used to reflect and draw public attention to progress. The development of these indicators will increase the usefulness of Healthy People 2010 as a focus of national attention, and as a tool for monitoring America's health. Because the leading health indicators will form a highly visible and potentially actionable part of the Nation's health objectives for 2010, it will be important that the indicators reflect the input of the scientific community as well as policymakers and the public. Utilizing input from 9-12 experts with backgrounds in public health practice (Federal, State and Local governments; nonprofit organizations, and academia), epidemiology, data sources, performance monitoring, statistics, public policy and other relevant areas, criteria for the leading health indicators for Healthy People 2010 and two or more candidate sets of leading health indicators will be developed.

AGENCY SPONSOR: Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion


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