Performance Improvement 1999. Healthy People 2010


TITLE: Measuring Health Objectives and Indicators: 1997 State and Local Capacity Survey

ABSTRACT: The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is laying the foundation for Healthy People 2010, the Nation's plan for health promotion and disease prevention in the first decade of the next century, which is based on Healthy People 2000. The report is a survey conducted by the Public Health Foundation, working with the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP), and the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), to obtain information from States and large local jurisdictions on their ability to track their own health promotion and disease prevention objectives. Initial discussion of the survey took place at a national meeting, "Use of Healthy People 2000 at State and Local Levels--Lessons for 2010," and the survey instrument was developed with extensive input from the field, and in collaboration with various public health groups. The survey: (1) characterizes infrastructure at the State and local levels for tracking health objectives and indicators; (2) obtains methods and innovations for assisting Federal, State, and local agencies in setting and tracking future objectives; and (3) ensures that the Healthy People 2010 objectives-setting process is sensitive to data collection capabilities at State and local levels. The study's limitations included: (1) some of the questions allowed for an estimate of numbers and proportions, which allowed for responses based on personal perceptions rather than hard data; (2) States have varied organizational structures, management systems and delivery systems, so comparisons are seldom equally weighted; (3) many of the States had developed Healthy People 2000 objectives at differing timetables; and (4) the comprehensiveness and the scope of objectives could vary considerably across States and within a States' list of objectives. (Final report 49 pages plus appendices.)

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TITLE: Summarizing Population Health: Directions for the Development and Application of Population Metrics

ABSTRACT: An Institute of Medicine Committee convened a workshop for ethicists, health status measurement experts, and public and private administrators of public health and Medicare care programs to explore the technical and ethical issues inherent in the development and use of summary measures of the health of populations. The proceedings from the workshop encourage methodologists, ethicists, and policymakers to learn from each other and to work together to identify the strengths, limitations, and appropriate uses of summary measures. The proceedings recommend that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services take the following measures: (1) initiate a process of analysis and public discussion to clarify ethical assumptions and value judgments embedded in different measures of population health, and assess the critical ethical and policy implications of different designs, implementation approaches and uses of these measures; (2) create a process to establish standards for population health metrics, and investigate the value and practicality of a compatible set of summary measures of population health that could be used for different descriptive and decision making purposes; and (3) invest in the education and training of public health and medical professionals to promote their understanding of the interpretation and appropriate use of summary measures of population health.

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