Performance Improvement 1999. Health Services Research


TITLE: Health Services Research Education: Assessing Customer Satisfaction and Program Needs

ABSTRACT: In addition to individual fellowship, dissertation, and institutional innovation incentive awards, the AHCPR currently supports 25 diverse health services research programs which train over 150 pre-doctoral and post-doctoral students annually. This effort will include a customer satisfaction survey/evaluation of scholars whose training was supported by AHCPR institutional training program grants, and key informant feedback on the satisfaction of training program directors with the NRSA training program. In addition, the project will include a qualitative needs assessment relying on input from training program directors and other experts in health services research education.

AGENCY SPONSOR: Office of Research Review, Education and Policy

FEDERAL CONTACT: Debbie Rothstein

PHONE NUMBER: 301-594-2918

PIC ID: 7011

PERFORMER ORGANIZATION: Battelle Columbus Laboratories Columbus, OH