Performance Improvement 1999. Health Professions


TITLE: Design for Evaluation of the NY Medicare Graduate Medical Education Payment Demonstration and Related Provisions in P.L. 105-33. BBA of 1997

ABSTRACT: The purpose of this study, which is jointly sponsored by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) and the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) and managed by HCFA, is to develop: (1) a design for evaluating a demonstration financed by the HCFA in 1997 in selected New York State teaching hospitals, and (2) recommendations for evaluating Phase II of the demonstration, along with related provisions of the Balanced Budget Act (BBA). The 42 hospitals in the current demonstration volunteered to reduce the number of resident physicians in training by 20 percent or more over a five-year period, while maintaining or increasing the proportion in their primary care program. In return, the HCFA provides transition payments of $400 million over six years. The hospitals repay the payments if they fail to meet their reduction targets. The BBA provides similar options for hospitals in other States and modifies the transitional payment policies by eliminating payment for the first five percent reduction in the full-time equivalent residents. Evaluation objectives include: (1) performance in meeting targets for reductions, (2) impact on access and efficiency, and (3) potential spillover effects on non-participating hospitals.

AGENCY SPONSOR: Office of the Administrator

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PERFORMER ORGANIZATION: Health Economics Research, Inc. Waltham, MA


TITLE: Employment Sites of Nursing Graduates Supported by the Professional Nurse Traineeship Program

ABSTRACT: Professional Nurse Traineeship (PNT) grants are awarded to eligible institutions for the support of students in advanced nursing education. Traineeships are then awarded by the institutions to individuals enrolled in masters and doctoral programs to prepare for practice as advanced practice nurses. These funds are distributed to institutions based on a formula that incorporates three statutory funding factors. The factor to be studied is the statutory general funding preference which is given to institutions that demonstrate either (1) a high rate of placing graduates in medically underserved communities (MUCs), or (2) a significant increase in the rate of placing graduates in such settings. Comparisons of employment sites of graduates in school receiving the preference with those of graduates in schools not receiving the preference will indicate the significance of a funding preference in promoting program objectives of increasing access to care in underserved communities. The data collected through this study will help to formulate programmatic and policy recommendations designed to strengthen and increase the effectiveness of the PNT program.

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TITLE: Effectiveness of Diverse Methods of Technical Assistance to Historically Black Colleges and Universities

ABSTRACT: The participation of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in program activities is vital to the mission of the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), given the traditional focus of HBCUs on providing outreach to low-income and minority communities for a wide range of educational and professional opportunities. However, HBCUs have often reported the need for a clearer understanding of the requirements associated with HRSA solicitations and approaches to meeting those requirements. This study will assess the relative merits of providing programmatic technical assistance through regional workshops, against provision through institution-specific guidance on site. This evaluation will help to highlight those technical assistance approaches that can enhance the participation of HBCUs in HRSA grant/contract programs.

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