Performance Improvement 1999. Family Services


TITLE: Evaluating Quality of Out-of-Home Care in Kinship Foster Care

ABSTRACT: The Research Triangle Institute, with the American Bar Association's Center on Children and the Law and the Child Welfare League of America, will conduct a study to identify criteria for assessing the quality of out-of-home care provided to children in kinship care foster homes. In addition to identifying indicators of quality in the home and family, the investigator will also examine the quality of kinship foster family care in its larger ecological context. This project will develop a set of instruments to measure the following: quality of care in the kinship family home; contextual factors impacting on kinship family functioning; indicators of child functioning in the home. Instructions for using the instruments in home studies and for case monitoring will be written, and specific recommendations for further research will be provided. These instruments will be useful in agency licensing, training, and monitoring activities. In addition, they will provide a foundation for future research on instrument development, quality of kinship foster family care, and evaluation of child and case outcomes. The study will consist of three phases: (1) item identification and instrument development; (2) assessment of validity and reliability in five sites from two states, including African-American, white, and Hispanic respondents; and (3) creation of a set of recommended instruments for preliminary use in the field. The project will seek to identify, operationalize, and validate core items that signify quality of care across variations in site, culture, and age groups, as well as items that are sensitive to differences in situation, child characteristics, and culture.

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TITLE: Family Preservation and Family Support Services (FP/FS) Implementation Study

ABSTRACT: The 1993 Family Preservation and Support Legislation expands both the array of services provided and the types of families served. This study examines the FP/FS implementation across States and communities, and among different stakeholders over time. It examines the process in all 50 states providing an in-depth look in ten States and 20 communities. Study findings will help to identify areas where further policy guidance is needed to assist States in implementation.

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TITLE: National Evaluation of Family Support Programs

ABSTRACT: In September 1994, the Administration on Children, Youth, and Families (ACYF) awarded a contract to conduct a national evaluation of Family Support Programs. The evaluation stems from legislation that provides funding to States for family support and preservation efforts. It represents an innovative attempt to combine knowledge derived from prior and ongoing research with new research studies designed to enhance our understanding about the effects of different programmatic approaches to family support. The study has three parts: (1) a comprehensive review of what is currently known about family support programs and their effects, (2) a phase that focuses on planning and implementing a series of research studies designed to fill the gaps in understanding programs and their effects, and (3) a synthesis of the two earlier parts. The evaluation is a five-year effort. The program and research reviews conducted in the first year will guide the formulation of a research strategy for the remaining years of the project. Up to ten new evaluation studies will be designed to fill gaps in the current knowledge base. These evaluations will be implemented in the second, third and fourth years of the study. The work of the final year will combine the information gained in the preceding years into an integrated and comprehensive report.

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TITLE: Evaluation of the Impact of Homelessness on ACYF Programs

ABSTRACT: This study: (1) assessed the impact of homelessness on programs run by the Administration for Children, Youth, and Families (ACYF); and (2) identified creative and successful service models that address the problem. The two-year evaluation was intended to determine the service demands placed upon ACYF programs serving homeless families, children, and youth. The evaluation involved: (1) conducting site visits; (2) collecting information from service providers for the homeless, administrators, and representatives of local service delivery networks in 40 communities; (3) examining programs supported by ACYF; (4) reviewing non-ACYF sponsored programs; and (5) conducting a small-scale longitudinal study of homeless people and the impact of services upon them. Five local programs will serve as case studies. The results of the review focus on key strategies for increasing the effectiveness of ACYF programs and on measures that could help reduce risk of homelessness.

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TITLE: Evaluation of Transitional Living Program for Homeless Youth

ABSTRACT: This evaluation of the Transitional Living Program (TLP) for Homeless Youth will determine: (1) the number and characteristics of homeless youth served; (2) the type of activities carried out; (3) the program's effectiveness in alleviating the immediate problems of homeless youth; (4) project effectiveness in preparing homeless youth for self-sufficiency and in helping them decide upon future education, employment, and independent living; and (6) the ability of such projects to strengthen family relationships and encourage the resolution of intra-familial problems through counseling and the development of self-sufficient skills. Data were collected in a three part structured interview: a pre-program baseline, an interview at program exit, and an interview six months after program completion. Data will also be collected on comparison youth at corresponding points in time. Overall, 600 TLP participants and an equal number of comparison youth have been sampled over a two-year period.

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