Performance Improvement 1999. Evidence-Based Medicine


TITLE: Development and Implementation of Evidence-Based Practice Center (EPC) Program Evaluation

ABSTRACT: The Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (AHCPR) supports 12 Evidence-based Practice Centers (EPCs) to undertake scientific analyses and evidence syntheses on high-priority topics. The science syntheses-evidence reports and technology assessments produced by the EPCs provide the scientific foundation for public and private organizations to use in developing and implementing their own practice guidelines, performance measures and other tools to improve the quality of health care and make decisions related to the effectiveness or appropriateness of specific health care technologies. This project will implement an evaluation of the EPC program that assesses the impact of the evidence reports and technology assessments produced by the EPCs.

AGENCY SPONSOR: Center for Practice and Technology Assessment

FEDERAL CONTACT: Margaret Coopey

PHONE NUMBER: 301-594-4022

PIC ID: 7037

PERFORMER ORGANIZATION: Medstat Group Washington, DC