Performance Improvement 1999. Consumer Choice


TITLE: Information Needs for Consumer Choice

ABSTRACT: This contract examined the types of information consumers find most useful in selecting health insurance plans, providers and practitioners, and in making the chosen health care plan/system work best for them. The study determined how to present this type of information in a user-friendly way, and developed and tested these consumer information approaches in given markets. The project addressed consumer information issues and needs in both the current health care system and in proposals for health care system reform, especially as they relate to three broad consumer groups: (1) Medicare beneficiaries, (2) Medicaid beneficiaries, and (3) the remaining U.S. population under 65 years of age. The project was conducted through the use of 24 focus groups, nine case studies of innovative consumer information projects, and by developing and testing information materials in two different media for six subgroups of the Medicare and Medicaid populations.

AGENCY SPONSOR: Center for Medicaid and State Operations


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