Performance Improvement 1999. Community Services


TITLE: Factors Related to Gang Membership Resistance

ABSTRACT: This project will investigate and gather data on gangs from two contrasting Los Angeles communities. One area will have street gang activity higher than the city's typical Hispanic and African-American activity level, and the other will have activity below this level. The project is designed to increase understanding of how youth in urban areas with high levels of street gang activity avoid gang involvement. Phase I involves site selection; Phase II includes instrumentation and data identification; Phase III includes data collection and analysis, and Phase IV deals with steps toward validation and report writing. The project anticipates creating a replicable interview protocol, data tapes for other researchers, and a final report on the results (including implications for prevention programming); and plans for extended validation and replications. Principal data sources will be youth interviews, observations by adult residents and practitioners, and agency data. The project will attempt to narrow the gap in knowledge regarding how some youth avoid gang activity through the use of the following comparisons: (1) gang versus nongang members from similar settings; (2) within an area of high gang activity, a community with heavy gang activity, and one with lower gang activity; and (3) individuals and community variables and characteristics in the two contrasting sites. See also PIC ID 5042.

AGENCY SPONSOR: Administration on Children, Youth and Families


PHONE NUMBER: 202-205-8102

PIC ID: 5042.1

PERFORMER ORGANIZATION: University of Southern California, University Park, Los Angeles CA


TITLE: Job Opportunities for Low -Income Individuals (JOLI) Program

ABSTRACT: This project will provide training and technical assistance and evaluation assistance to grantees funded under the Job Opportunities for Low-Income Individuals Program (JOLI). The services provided will assist the grantees in the development of their project designs and in the finalization of their evaluation plans. These plans will provide the Office of Community Services (OCS) with useful insights into both project outcomes and processes. In addition, the services provided will assist OCS to effectively evaluate the impact of the demonstration and to disseminate the project results to the Congress and other interested parties.

AGENCY SPONSOR: Office of Community Services


PHONE NUMBER: 202-401-5282

PIC ID: 6430

PERFORMER ORGANIZATION: Trans-Management Systems Corporation Washington D.C.