Performance Improvement 1999. Community Services


TITLE: Micro Business and Self-Employment and Programs for the Homeless

ABSTRACT: The Demonstration Partnership Program (DPP), under Section 408 of the Human Services Reauthorization Act of 1986, authorizes a demonstration program to operate in conjunction with the Community Services Block Grant Program. This program has the unique purpose of developing and implementing new and innovative approaches in dealing with the particularly critical needs of the poor. The objectives of the program are to: (1) stimulate eligible entities (mainly Community Action Agencies) to develop new approaches to provide greater self-sufficiency for the poor; (2) test and evaluate the new approaches; (3) disseminate project results and evaluation findings so that the new approaches can be replicated; and (4) strengthen the ability of eligible entities to integrate, coordinate and redirect activities to promote maximum self-sufficiency among the poor. Under the DPP, Community action agencies were asked to develop, test and evaluate, in partnership with local organizations, new approaches to provide for greater self-sufficiency. In fiscal years 1987 through 1994, demonstration grants were made in a wide range of programs including: (1) small business ventures with technical assistance and access to a loan fund, (2) intensive case management, (3) job creation, (4) job training, and (5) early intervention programs. The client populations included such diverse groups as teenage parents, minority males, families, homeless families and individuals, public housing clients, Section 8 housing clients and food basket recipients. The purpose of this report is to capture experiences and lessons learned and to make those available to those that are interested in improving the services and opportunities available to low-income populations.

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