Performance Improvement 1999. Child Development


TITLE: National Impact Evaluation of the Comprehensive Child Development Program

ABSTRACT: The Comprehensive Child Development Program (CCDP) was an innovative attempt by the Administration on Children, Youth, and Families (ACYF) to ensure the delivery of early and comprehensive services with the aim of enhancing child development and helping low-income families to achieve economic self-sufficiency. Intensive case management was evaluated as a method for the effective delivery of services to low-income families resulting in positive outcomes. The charge of each local CCDP grantee was to: (1) intervene as early as possible in children's lives; (2) involve the entire family; (3) ensure the delivery of comprehensive social services to address the intellectual, social-emotional, and physical needs of infants and young children in the household; (4) ensure the delivery of services to enhance parents' ability to contribute to the overall development of their children and achieve economic and social self-sufficiency; and (5) ensure continuous services until children enter elementary school at the kindergarten or first grade level. In particular, the evaluation of the CCDP focused on: (1) the longitudinal impact of each program model on the development of the participating children and their parents; (2) the effectiveness of the programs in achieving their stated objectives; and (3) the impact of related programs to the delivery of services. Results indicate that there were no observable, measurable, positive effects resulting from the CCDP families, in comparison with control group families.

AGENCY SPONSOR: Administration on Children, Youth and Families


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