Performance Improvement 1999. Child Development


TITLE: Prenatal and Early Childhood Nurse Home Visitation Program -- Replication/Dissemination

ABSTRACT: The Administration for Children and Families (ACF) and the Department of Justice (DOJ), Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention are supporting this initiative. The project allows for data collection and evaluation of an initiative to replicate and disseminate the nurse home visiting model. The model has been tested through randomized trials and found to be effective in improving outcomes for mothers and their children on a number of important outcome measures, including: (1) educational attainment, (2) employment, (3) welfare dependency, (4) parenting attitudes, and (5) subsequent pregnancies. The DOJ funded a grant to support technical assistance and training to replicate the model in selected sites. This project supports the evaluation component of the initiative to test the effectiveness of the replication process within normal operating environments. The initiative will answer questions pertaining to: (1) whether programs are implemented with fidelity to the original program model; (2) whether the program is reaching the target population of at-risk, low-income pregnant women; (3) the aspects of the model that are most difficult to implement and maintain; (4) the factors explaining site variation in program fidelity; and (5) the outcomes for pregnant women and families enrolled in each site.

AGENCY SPONSOR: Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation

FEDERAL CONTACT: Nancye Campbell

PHONE NUMBER: 202-401-5760

PIC ID: 6757

PERFORMER ORGANIZATION: University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver CO 80262