TITLE: Role of Child Care in Low-Income Families' Labor Market Participation

ABSTRACT: This project will develop optional research designs to identify and address child care services needed by parents to succeed at work, keeping in mind the role quality child care plays in children's lives. The major work in this contract will consist of a series of stand-alone working papers that critically evaluate relevant research related to child care and labor force attachment, and that develop a rationale for the factors included in the research designs. The project will prepare three working papers that will evaluate bearing on critical aspects of child care for low income parents including affordability, quality and flexibility. These papers will provide the rationale for the development of rigorous research designs to test the effects on families and children and the costs of promising components and programs. Each research design will contain: (1) a complete description and rationale; (2) design methodology; (3) the number of sites and their characteristics; (4) criteria for site selection; (5) methods for identifying the client population or subpopulation; (6) sample size requirements; (7) strategies for sampling and case assignment; and (8) proposed intervention, projected schedule and plan for implementation. Additionally, the pros and cons of each design will be presented.

AGENCY SPONSOR: Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation

FEDERAL CONTACT: Richard Jakopic

PHONE NUMBER: 202-205-5930

PIC ID: 6846

PERFORMER ORGANIZATION: Urban Institute/Mathematica Policy Research Washington, D.C.