Performance Improvement 1998. Office of Public Health and Science







6688 Status Report and Evaluation of AoA and ACF Programs Following Terminations of Federal Funding in the Freely Associated States (FAS) 10/30/1997
6193 Commission on Dietary Supplement Labels 11/01/1997
6488 States' and Localities' Ability to Measure Healthy People 2000 Objectives 11/30/1997
6678 Evaluation of a Community-Based Public Health Practice Training Program 11/30/1997
6198 Evaluation Synthesis of School Health Programs 12/01/1997
6676 Examination and Assessment of U.S. and U.K. Strategies and Approaches for Addressing Racial/Ethnic Minority Health Concerns 12/01/1997
6492 Role of Health Plans in Community-Level Health Improvement 12/31/1997
6677 Evaluation of Preventive Health Care Screening among Older Women 12/31/1997
6679 Evaluation of Managed Care Plans' Coverage of Women's Health Initiatives 12/31/1997
6681 Evaluation of Males Who Are Fathers of Children Born to Teenage Girls 01/01/1998
6682 Evaluation of the Quality and Effectiveness of Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening in Region X 01/01/1998
6683 Evaluation of Pregnancies Averted and Cost Savings in Federally-Funded Clinics in Region X 01/01/1998
6247 Evaluation of the Effectiveness and Efficacy of the Office of Minority Health's Bilingual/Bicultural Service Demonstration Grants Program 03/31/1998
6685 Retrospective Study of the Preventive Health Practices of Former Title X (Family Planning) Clients 04/30/1998
6689 Assessment of Region IX Programs Promoting Positive Images in Girls Ages 9-14 05/15/1998
6875 Conference and Proceedings to Explore the Uses of Summary Measures of Health Status in Assessing Population Health 05/30/1998
6680 Evaluation of an Immunization Education Program for Child Care Centers 07/01/1998
6675 Special Session at the First National Conference on Cultural Competence in Health Care to Address Issues of Measurement and Linkages to Health/Patient Outcomes 09/01/1998
6326 Analysis of State and Local Public Health Policy and Program Activities 09/28/1998
6244.1 Evaluation of the Office of Minority Health Resource Center--Phase II 09/30/1998
6321 Evaluation of Models to Integrate HIV Prevention and Treatment 09/30/1998
6324 Integrated Information Action Plan Services within PHS-Supported Programs 09/30/1998
6686 Develop Local Department Early Detection Capabilities for the Health and Medical Consequences of the New Welfare Reform 09/30/1998
6687 Study of the Impact on Public Health Services of Increased Migrant Populations in Northwest Arkansas 09/30/1998
6798 Assessment of Linguistically and Culturally Appropriate Community Health Promotion Programs in Local Health Departments 09/30/1998
6876 Enabling Performance Measurement Activities 09/30/1998
6325 County-Level Tracking of Public Health Functions and Policy Issues 12/15/1998
6327 Science Panel on Interactive Communication Technology and Health 12/31/1998
6674 National Assessment of Linguistically and Culturally Appropriate Services in Managed Care Organizations Serving Racially and Ethnically Diverse Communities 09/30/1999
6323 Scientific Evaluation of Dietary Reference Intakes 09/30/2000