Performance Improvement 1998. Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation







6227 Learning from Ongoing Welfare Waiver Evaluations: Lessons from Implementing Work-Focused Employment Programs for Welfare Recipients 11/30/1997
2771.9 Teenage Parent Demonstration and Evaluation 12/20/1997
6049 Research and Evaluation Framework for the New Pharmaceutical Marketplace 12/20/1997
6168 A Study of Home Health Practice Variations Study 12/20/1997
4528.1 Consequences and Cost of Intimate Partner Violence 12/31/1997
6017 State Development and Use of Insurance Coverage Surveys 12/31/1997
6176 Panel on Performance Measures and Data to Support Public Health Performance Partnership Grants 12/31/1997
6179 Strategies for Obtaining Public Health Infrastructure FACE="MS Sans Serif"> Data at Federal, State, and Local Levels 12/31/1997
6345 Assessment of Access to Liability Insurance for Tribes and Tribal Organizations with Self-Determination Contracts/Compacts 12/31/1997
6346 State Linked Data Meeting and Monograph 12/31/1997
6418 Role of Home and Community-Based Services in Meeting the Health Care Needs FACE="MS Sans Serif"> of People with HIV/AIDS 12/31/1997
6729 Innovative State Strategies to Insure Children 12/31/1997
6347 Innovative Coverage of Health Promotion, Clinical Preventive FACE="MS Sans Serif"> Services, and Other Coverage Issues in the Private Sector 01/30/1998
6240 Exploratory Study of Health Care Coverage and the FACE="MS Sans Serif"> Employment of People with Disabilities 01/31/1998
6721 Analysis of Children's Health Insurance Policy 02/28/1998
6767 Design and Feasibility of a Child Support Enforcement FACE="MS Sans Serif"> Customer Survey 02/28/1998
6173 Client-Directed In-Home Care/Personal Assistance Services 03/31/1998
6343 Evaluating the Effects of Direct-to-Consumer Advertising on Consumers 03/31/1998
6722 Preventing Teen Pregnancy, HIV, and STDs 04/15/1998
6342 Resource Evaluation of the FDA Food Additive Petition Review Process 04/30/1998
6891 One-Stop Shop Employment and Training Models for AFDC Recipients 04/30/1998
6892 Labor Market Conditions, Job Search Strategics, and Welfare-to-Work Transitions 04/30/1998
6719 Analysis of Trends in Elderly Disability Rates 05/14/1998
6576.3 Implementation, Participation Patterns, Costs, and Two-Year Impacts of the Portland, Oregon Welfare-to-Work Program 05/15/1998
6878 What Works for Youth--An Examination of Evaluations 05/31/1998
6740 Beyond Education and Training: The Need for and Impact of Ancillary FACE="MS Sans Serif"> Services 06/01/1998
6750 Enabling Services Methodology Workshop 06/05/1998
4719.5 National Study of Assisted Living for the Frail Elderly 06/30/1998
5758 Health and Long-Term Care Expenditure Patterns of FACE="MS Sans Serif"> Children with Disabilities 06/30/1998
6725 Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs and Partnerships 07/01/1998
6752 Health and Adjustment of Immigrant Children and Families 07/30/1998
6698 Research Consultation on Review of HHS Services Research, Demonstrations, and Evaluations Targeted to Hispanic/Latino FACE="MS Sans Serif"> Americans 07/31/1998
6877 Adolescent Decision Making Workshop 07/31/1998
6893 Making Ends Meet: How Mothers Manage When Their Welfare FACE="MS Sans Serif"> Grants Are Cut 07/31/1998
6399 Study of Private Long-Term Care Insurance Claims 08/01/1998
6341 Evolving Health Care Delivery Systems: A Workshop 08/31/1998
6717 Paper Series on the Low-Wage Labor Market 08/31/1998
6726 Abstinence-Based Teen Pregnancy Prevention Efforts Targeting Boys 08/31/1998
6724 Domestic Violence and Welfare: An Early Assessment 09/15/1998
6723 Analysis of Prescription-to-Over-the-Counter Switch Movement 09/24/1998
6727 Wisconsin Data Project on Former AFDC Recipients 09/29/1998
5759 Analysis of Data on Use of Nursing Homes in Florida 09/30/1998
6160 Home Visitor Services Demonstration: Home Visiting for Teen FACE="MS Sans Serif"> Parents Required to Participate in JOBS 09/30/1998
6391 Study of Managed Delivery Systems for Medicare Beneficiaries with Disabilities and Chronic Illnesses 09/30/1998
6420 State Telephone Survey Estimates for Evaluation and Monitoring 09/30/1998
6634.1 Indicators of Welfare Dependence: 1997 Annual Report 10/31/1997
6753 Resource Guide on Quality Assurance Systems for SSI Disabled FACE="MS Sans Serif"> Populations 09/30/1998
6766 Pregnancy Prevention Programs Targeting Boys and Young Men: Policy Information Dissemination Strategy 09/30/1998
6768 Analysis of Patterns of Post-Acute and Chronic Care Services Use Among FACE="MS Sans Serif"> Disabled and Non-Disabled Medicare Beneficiaries 1989-1994 09/30/1998
6889 Impact of Medicare HMO Enrollment on Health Care Costs in California 09/30/1998
6162 Institute on Consumer Directed Services (Long-Term Care FACE="MS Sans Serif"> Infrastructure) 10/20/1998
6749 Mandatory Review and Modification in TANF Cases 11/10/1998
6754 Child Health and Development Programs in the Context of FACE="MS Sans Serif"> Welfare Reform 12/22/1998
6419 Statistical Linkage of Data Files for Evaluation: National FACE="MS Sans Serif"> Health Interview Survey and Survey of Income and FACE="MS Sans Serif"> Program Participation 12/30/1998
6576.4 Child Outcome Study of the National Evaluation of Welfare-to-Work Strategies: Two-Year Impacts 12/30/1998
6718 Analysis of Employer-Group Long-Term Care Insurance 12/31/1998
6751 Preventing Abusive Intimate Relationships among Adolescents 01/01/1999
6172 Assisted Living: Description, Quality, and Standards 03/31/1999
6166.1 Evaluation of the Oregon Medicaid Reform Demonstration 08/31/1999
6289.2 Evaluation of the State Health Reform Demonstrations 08/31/1999
6429 Estimating an Analytical Framework for Assessing Insurer Response to the Health Care Market 09/30/1999
5337.2 Review of Family Preservation and Family Reunification Programs 12/31/1999
6720 Medicare Home Health Practice Variations 03/31/2000
5888 Evaluation of Practice in Care (EPIC) 06/30/2000
6398 Private Payers Serving Disabled Individuals and Research Synthesis on FACE="MS Sans Serif"> Managed Care for Persons with Disabilities 09/28/2000
6161 Personal Assistance Service Cash Payment Demonstration 09/30/2000
6747 Economic and Health Status of Immigrants, Their Communities, and the Organizations that Serve Them 10/01/2000