Performance Improvement 1998. National Institute of Health







6122 NIH AIDS Research Program Evaluation 0/20/1997
5586 Comprehensive School Health Programs in Grades K-12 11/30/1997
6280 Career Status and Satisfaction with NIH Research Grant Application and Award Processes: A Sample Survey of FY 1992 R01 and R29 Applicants 11/30/1997
6091 Design and Pilot Test of an Inventory of Cancer Research Across Federal Agencies 12/06/1997
4663.1 Evaluation of Knowledge-Based Expert System for Subject Indexing 12/20/1997
5569 Evaluation of New Technology: Audio-Casi 12/20/1997
5580 Evaluation of the NCRR Research Centers in Minority Institutions (RCM) Program, Phase I: Planning and Methodology Development for a Full-Scale Evaluation 12/20/1997
6046 Evaluation of the Institutional Award (IDeA) Program, Phase I: Evaluation Design 12/20/1997
6047 Evaluation of the Resource Centers Activities with the Biomedical Research Technology Program of the NCRR, Phase I: Planning and Methodology Development 12/20/1997
6097 Strategic Plan for Public Health Agencies 12/20/1997
5584 Evaluation of the NHLBI Programs of Excellence in Molecular Biology 1 2/31/1997
5984 Vaccine Development: Establishing Priorities for the United States for the 21st Century 12/31/1997
6098 Follow-Up Study of Young Investigators in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences 12/31/1997
6282 National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Training Program for Minority Students Evaluation 12/31/1997
4509 Evaluation of the Research Demonstration Projects for Homeless Persons with Alcohol and Other Drug Problems 01/31/1998
6096 Evaluation of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) National Research Service Awards for Predoctoral Individual M.D./Ph.D. Fellows--Phase I 03/01/1998
5588 Career Outcomes of a Matched Sample of Men and Women Ph.D.s in Science and Engineering 03/30/1998
5578 Planning Phase for an Evaluation of the NIDR Center Program 04/01/1998
6095 Evaluation of the National Research Service Training Programs 06/01/1998
6118.1 Evaluation of the NHLBI Short-Term Training for Minority Students Program 06/19/1998
6285 Evaluation of NIH Postdoctoral Trainees and Fellows 06/30/1998
4230 Evaluation of the Medical Certification Process for Death Certificates 09/30/1998
6861 Surgeon General's Report on Oral Health 09/30/1998
6045.1 Full-Scale Evaluation of the Regional Primate Research Centers (RPRC) Program 12/20/1998
6860 Study of National Needs for Biomedical and Behavioral Research Personnel 12/30/1998
6863 Survey of Scientific and Engineering Research Facilities at Colleges and Universities 09/30/1999
6862 Evaluation of Simplification of Human Resources Management System at the National Institutes of Health 10/30/2001