Performance Improvement 1998. Health Resources and Services Administration


6355 Impact of Community Health Advisors on Access, Utilization, and Patient Knowledge/Behavior 01/30/1998
6806 Enrollment, Utilization and Cost-Forecasting Models for Use in State AIDS FACE="MS Sans Serif"> Drug Assistance Programs 02/13/1998
6353 Medicaid Managed Care and FACE="MS Sans Serif"> Federally Qualified Health Centers: Experiences of Plans, Networks and Individual Health Centers 03/12/1998
6362 Review and Synthesis of HIV-Related Consumer-Level FACE="MS Sans Serif"> Evaluations 05/14/1998
5614 Person-Place Approximations and Utilization vs. Health Status FACE="MS Sans Serif"> Analysis of the National Health Interview Survey 05/29/1998
6251 Consortia Development for Health Professions Training in FACE="MS Sans Serif"> Community-Based Settings 05/29/1998
4918.1 Evaluation of the Effectiveness and Impact of Community and Migrant Health FACE="MS Sans Serif"> Centers: Implementation Phase 05/31/1998
6254 Meeting Industry Standards for Performance Measurement FACE="MS Sans Serif"> through Clinical Outcome Measures at Community and Migrant Health Centers 05/31/1998
5747 Training and Educational Needs of the Public Health Workforce under Health Care Reform 06/30/1998
6249 Strategies for the Recruitment, Retention, and Graduation of Hispanics into Baccalaureate Levels of Nursing 06/30/1998
6354 Performance Assessment of Managed Care in Community and Migrant Health FACE="MS Sans Serif"> Centers 06/30/1998
6363 Case-mix Differences in Health Centers and Other Providers and Their FACE="MS Sans Serif"> Relationship to Cost 06/30/1998
6364 Health Care Status Outcome Measures for the Bureau of Primary Health Care: The Assessment of Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions through State Medicaid Recipient Files 06/30/1998
6810 Continued Performance Measurement Development for MCHB Programs 07/31/1998
6814 HRSA Crosscutting Community Case Studies 07/31/1998
6817 Development and Refinement of Tools for Monitoring Cultural Competence in Managed Care 09/07/1998
6808 Development of Estimates of Unduplicated AAR Client Counts 09/29/1998
6361 Community Care Network Evaluation 09/30/1998
6801 Customer Survey of Covered Entities Under Section 602 of the Veterans Health Care Act of 1992 09/30/1998
6800 Development of BHPr's Comprehensive Performance Monitoring System 09/30/1998
6802 Health Status Outcomes for the Bureau of Primary Health Care: A Pilot Study Assessing Physiologic Measures through Medical Record Review 09/30/1998
6803 Effect of Medicaid Managed Care Beneficiary Enrollment and Autoassignment Practices on FQHCs and Their Patients 09/30/1998
6807 Direct Support for Conduct of Evaluation Studies at Selected CARE Act Pilot Sites 09/30/1998
6809 Evaluation Strategies and Performance Measures for SPRANS FACE="MS Sans Serif"> and CISS 09/30/1998
6811 MCHB GPRA Maturity Project 09/30/1998
6816 Evaluation of Managed Care and Vulnerable Populations 09/30/1998
6804 Development and Testing of Emergency Department Utilization FACE="MS Sans Serif"> as a Measure of Effectiveness for the Health Care for the Homeless FACE="MS Sans Serif"> Program 10/30/1998
6805 Analysis of CHC User Survey: Selected Conditions 11/13/1998
6812 Effectiveness of Diverse Methods of Technical Assistance to Historically FACE="MS Sans Serif"> Black Colleges and Universities 11/20/1998
6368 Assessment of Bi/Multilingual Services Offered at Selected Community and Migrant Health Centers 12/31/1998
6813 Development and Testing of Data Collection Instruments for FACE="MS Sans Serif"> HRSA-Supported Minority Health Professions Programs 12/31/1998
6815 Managed Care and the Safety Net Providers 01/29/1999
6357 Effectiveness of the National Health Service Corps 12/31/1999
5610 National Evaluation of the Healthy Start Program 03/31/2001