Performance Improvement 1998. Health Care Financing Administration


6294 Medicare HMO Evaluation 10/10/1997
6299 Evaluation of Rural Health Clinics 10/31/1997
6305 Evaluation and Technical Assistance of the Medicare Alzheimer's Disease Demonstration 11/30/1997
6290 Evaluation of Medicaid-Managed Care Programs with 1915(b) Waivers 03/31/1998
5958.5 Medicare Participating Heart Bypass Center Demonstration Extended Evaluation 02/28/1998
6296 Drug Utilization Review Evaluation Contract 02/28/1998
6300 Examination of the Medicaid Expansions for Children 03/30/1998
5735 Development of a Self-Assessment Tool for HIV Health Services Planning Councils and HIV Care Consortia 10/08/1997
6358 Measuring the Costs of Medical Education in Ambulatory FACE="MS Sans Serif"> Training Sites 11/30/1997
6309 Evaluation of the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly Demonstration 03/31/1998
6310 Project Demonstrating and Evaluating Alternative Methods to Assure and Enhance the Quality of Long-Term Care Services for Persons with Developmental Disabilities through Performance- Based Contracts with Service Providers 09/01/1998
6287 Evaluation of HMO Outlier Demonstration 09/28/1998
5966.3 Evaluation of Medicare SELECT 09/30/1998
6303 Maximizing the Effective Use of Telemedicine: A Study of the Effects, Cost Effectiveness, and Utilization Patterns of Consultation via Telemedicine 09/30/1998
6166 Evaluation of Oregon Medicaid Reform Demonstration 09/20/1999
6289 Evaluation of the State Medicaid Reform Demonstrations  (HI, RI, TN) 09/29/1999
6288 Evaluation of the Demonstration Entitled Delaware Health Care Partnership for Children 09/30/1999
6307 Evaluation of the Nursing Home Case-Mix and Quality Demonstration 09/30/1999
6308 Evaluation of Phase Two of the Home Health Agency Prospective Payment Demonstration 09/30/1999
6292 Evaluation of the Medicare Choice Demonstration 01/30/2000
6289.1 Evaluation of the State Medicaid Reform Demonstrations (OH, MN, KY, CA [L.A. County], NY, and VT) 09/30/2000