Performance Improvement 1998. Administration for Children and Families


5042.1 Factors Related to Gang Membership Resistance 12/28/1997
6756 Analyzing the Employment and Wage Patterns of Welfare FACE="MS Sans Serif"> Recipients 02/16/1998
5974 Post-Employment Services Demonstration 04/20/1998
5980 Home Visiting Services Demonstration 04/20/1998
6838 Wisconsin Pay for Performance/Self-Sufficiency First Evaluation 04/30/1998
4393 Evaluation of the Head Start/Public School Early Childhood Transition Demonstration 06/20/1998
6837 Welfare Policy Typology Project 06/30/1998
6842 Study of the Impact of the Child Support Enforcement (CSE)Program on Avoiding Costs to Public Programs 07/15/1998
6843 Evaluation and Reporting on State Access and Visitation FACE="MS Sans Serif"> Grant Programs 08/01/1998
5848 National Evaluation of Family Support Programs 09/20/1998
6763 Neighbors, Service Providers, and Welfare Reform in FACE="MS Sans Serif"> Los Angeles County 09/29/1998
6849 Factors Related to the Quality of Family Foster Care 09/29/1998
6851 Project REFRESH: Research and Evaluation of Foster Children's Reception FACE="MS Sans Serif"> into Environmentally Supportive Homes 09/29/1998
3868 Evaluation of the Comprehensive Child Development Programs 09/30/1998
3869 Profiles of Head Start Families: Development of a Head Start Family Information System 09/30/1998
4361 Evaluation of Runaway and Homeless Youth Programs--A FACE="MS Sans Serif"> Follow-Up Study 09/30/1998
4390.1 National Child Welfare Research Center: University of Chicago 09/30/1998
4390.2 National Child Welfare Research Center: University of California FACE="MS Sans Serif"> at Berkeley 09/30/1998
4394 Evaluation of the Head Start Family Service Center Demonstrations 09/30/1998
4396 Evaluation of the Impact of Homelessness on ACYF Programs 09/30/1998
4397 Evaluation of the Transitional Living Program for Homeless Youth 09/30/1998
4974 Study of the Characteristics of Families Served by Head Start Migrant FACE="MS Sans Serif"> Programs 09/30/1998
4975 Evaluation of Head Start Family Child Care Homes 09/30/1998
5845 Descriptive Study of Head Start Bilingual/Multicultural FACE="MS Sans Serif"> Program Services 09/30/1998
5846 National Study of Outcomes for Children Placed in Foster FACE="MS Sans Serif"> Care with Relatives 09/30/1998
6764 Welfare Restructuring Project (WRP) 09/30/1998
6832 Welfare-to-Work: Monitoring the Impact of Welfare Reform FACE="MS Sans Serif"> on American Indian Families with Children 09/30/1998
6836 Management-Focused Welfare Reform Evaluation Data Access and Policy Manual Development 09/30/1998
6846 Role of Child Care in Low-Income Families' Labor Market Participation 09/30/1998
6848 How Decisions to Change the Case Plan Goal Are Initiated 09/30/1998
6850 Assessing the Quality of Foster Family Care: An Initiative for the Integration of Research and Practice 09/30/1998
6883 Demonstration Partnership Program 09/30/1998
6852 Evaluating Quality of Out-of-Home Care in Kinship Foster Families 10/01/1998
6759 Examination of State Diversion Programs 11/30/1998
6834 Welfare Reform Studies and Analyses (Rural TANF) 02/28/1999
5975 Family Preservation and Family Support Services (FP/FS)Implementation Study 06/20/1999
6331 Descriptive Study of Families Served by Head Start 07/18/1999
5982 New Hope Project 09/20/1999
4378 Prevention of Foster Care Placement of Children at Risk for Domestic Violence 10/01/1999
6757 Prenatal and Early Childhood Nurse Home Visitation Program--Replication/Dissemination 02/29/2000
6761 Family Investment Program (FIP) 04/30/2000
6820 Florida Family Transition Program (FTP) Evaluation Project 04/30/2000
6821 Youth Employment and Training Initiative (YETI) 07/01/2000
6760 Evaluation of Community-Based Job Retention Programs 09/29/2000
6762 State Welfare Reform Evaluation Track 2 09/29/2000
6823 Maryland Family Investment Program Evaluation 09/29/2000
6829 Evaluation of the North Carolina Work First Program 09/29/2000
3570 Early Head Start Research and Evaluation National Study 09/30/2000
6839 Partner and Father Involvement in the Lives of Low-Income FACE="MS Sans Serif"> First-Time Mothers and Their Children 09/30/2000
6840 Evaluation of Los Angeles Jobs-First GAIN 09/30/2000
6841 Front-Line Management and Practice Study 09/30/2000
6844 Partners for Fragile Families 09/30/2000
6824 Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) 12/31/2000
6827 New Hampshire Employment and Training Program Process FACE="MS Sans Serif"> and Outcome Study 09/29/2001
6830 Training, Education, Employment, and Management (TEEM) Project 09/29/2001
6847 Child Impact Studies 09/29/2001
6765 Achieving Change for Texans 03/31/2002
6818 Evaluation of Arizona Employing and Moving People Off Welfare and FACE="MS Sans Serif"> Encouraging Responsibility Program (EMPOWER) 04/30/2002
6819 State Welfare Reform Evaluation Project (Jobs First) 04/30/2002
6869 Indiana Welfare Reform Evaluation Project 04/30/2002
6430 Job Opportunities for Low-Income Individuals (JOLI) Program 09/29/2002
6825 Minnesota WorkFIRST Program (Track 2) 09/29/2000
6826 Evaluation of the Employment First Program 09/29/2002
6828 Impact Study of the New Hampshire Employment Program 09/29/2002
6831 Virginia Independence Program 09/29/2002
6833 Assessing Effective Welfare-to-Work Strategies for Domestic FACE="MS Sans Serif"> Violence Victims and Survivors in the Options/Opciones Project 09/29/2002
6845 National Study of Low-Income Child Care 09/29/2002
6758 Ohio Works First Evaluation 09/30/2002
6748 National Longitudinal Study of Children and Families in the Child Welfare FACE="MS Sans Serif"> System 09/30/2003
6835 Jobs-Plus: Community Revitalization Initiative for Public FACE="MS Sans Serif"> Housing Families 12/31/2003
6755 Capitalizing the Bridge from Welfare to Independence (CBWI) 06/30/2007