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Evaluation of Mental Health Service Delivery Systems for Children and Adolescents

TITLE: Evaluation of Mental Health Service Delivery Systems for Children and Adolescents


ABSTRACT: This issue of the Journal of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders is dedicated to a special series on research projects supported by the Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS) within SAMHSA. The first article summarizes the recent history of research on the service delivery system for children and adolescents who have serious emotional disabilities, and the other articles examine the effectiveness of specific interventions for individual populations. Articles include "Building the Research Base for Children's Mental Health Services"; "Multisystemic Family Preservation Therapy: Preliminary Findings From a Study of Rural and Minority Serious Adolescent Offenders"; "Improving Adjustment Outcomes for Foster Children With Emotional and Behavioral Disorders: Early Findings From a Controlled Study on Individualized Services"; "Effectiveness of Intensive Case Management for Homeless Adolescents: Results of a 3-Month Followup"; "Development and Evaluation of Treatment Foster Care and Family-Centered Intensive Case Management in New York"; "Connecting Low-Income Families to Mental Health Services: The Role of the Family Associate"; "The Vanderbilt School-Based Counseling Program: An Interagency, Primary-Care Model of Mental Health Services"; and "The Challenges of Child Mental Health Research." (Journal articles 71 pages in total.)

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