Performance Improvement 1996. Office of Public Health and Science


Project Title

Date of
Evaluation of Clients of Adolescent Family Life Demonstration Projects 11/96 6243
Regional Meetings to Identify Desired Results for Performance Measurement in Selected Public Health Programs 12/96 6200
Evaluation of Health Needs of Newly Arriving Refugees 1/96 5622
Support of Efforts to Improve the Methodology for Evaluating the Cost- Effectiveness of Clinical Preventive Services 2/96 619
Development of Planning and Evaluation Criteria for the Functions and Components of a "Put Prevention into Practice" Online Interactive Application 4/96 5661
Formative Evaluation of an Automated Telecommunication System To Support Care Managers Providing Health and Human Services to High-Risk Families 4/96 5683
Survey of Accused but Exonerated Individuals in Research Misconduct Cases 6/96 5621
Measuring Expenditures for Essential Public Health Services 9/96 6194
Evaluation of the Office of Minority Health Resource Center, Phase I: Design Development 4/97 6244
Evaluation Synthesis of School Health Programs 5/97 198
Evaluation of Models To Integrate HIV Prevention and Treatment Services Within PHS-Supported Programs 9/97 6245
Evaluation of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities Capacity Building Program 10/97 6246
Evaluation of the Effectiveness and Efficacy of the OMH Bilingual/Bicultural Service Demonstration Grant Program 4/98 6247
Commission of Dietary Supplement Labels 9/97 6193