Performance Improvement 1996. Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation


Project Title

Date of
Subacute Care--Market Analysis, Cost, and Quality 11/95 6140
Analysis of the Effect of Regulation on the Quality of Care in Board and Care Homes 12/95 4720
Cost of Domestic Violence to the Health Care System: A Methodology 4/96 4528
Analysis of AFDC Caseload Growth and Decline 5/96 953
Innovative and Interdisciplinary Education and Training Programs for Professionals Care for Persons With Disabilities 5/96 052
Registry of Projects To Integrate Health Information Systems at the State Level 5/96 6178
Domestic Violence Policy and Programs in Selected Communities 7/96 6154
Information To Guide Physician Practice 7/96 4499
Research and Demonstration Strategy to Test Models for Integrating Acute and Long-Term Care for Children With Disabilities 7/96 760
Study of Welfare Waiver Evaluations 7/96 6050
Health Care in Transition: Technology Assessment in the Private Sector 8/96 6180
Home Visitor Services Demonstration: Home Visiting for Teen Parents Required To Participate in JOBS 9/96 6160
Research and Evaluation Framework for the New Pharmaceutical Marketplace 9/96 6049
Teenage Parent Demonstration and Evaluation 9/96 771.9
Alcohol and Drug Treatment Outcomes for Welfare and Child Welfare Clients in California 10/96 4511
Characteristics of "Informal" Kinship Care 10/96 6016
Child Welfare and Domestic Violence: An Exploratory Study 10/96 6155
Public Health Performance Monitoring and Evaluation 12/96 6177
Strategies for Obtaining Public Health Infrastructure Data at Federal, State, and Local Levels 3/97 6179
Study of Medicare Home Health Practice Variations 9/97 888
Analysis of Data on Use of Nursing Homes in Florida 10/97 5759
Analysis of Health and Mental Health of Immigrant Children and Their Families 10/97 6150
Health and Long-Term Care Expenditure Patterns of Children with Disabilities 10/97 5758
Panel on Performance Measures and Data to Support Public Health Performance Partnership Grants 12/97 6176
State Development and Use of Insurance Coverage Surveys 9/98 6017
National Evaluation of Family Preservation Services 1/99 5337.1
Evaluability Assessment for Responsible Fatherhood Projects 9/99 6159