Performance Improvement 1996. National Institutes of Health


Project Title

Date of
Methodology To Assess the Impact of NHLBI Research 9/96 5577
Implementation Phase for an Evaluation of the Minority Access to Research Careers (MARC) Honors Undergraduate Research Training Program 10/96 5574
Career Outcomes of a Matched Sample of Men and Women Ph.D.s in Science and Engineering 12/96 5588
Electronic Student Tracking and Reporting System: The Bridges Program 12/96 6093
Evaluation of Knowledge-Based Expert System for Subject Indexing 12/96 4663.1
Evaluation of the Regional Primate Research Centers Program Phase I Planning and Methodology Development for a Full-Scale Evaluation 12/96 6045
Phase II: Survey To Assess the Impact of the NICHD Antenatal Steriods Concensus Development Conference 12/96 6120
Planning Phase for an Evaluation of the NIDR Center Program 12/96 5578
Design and Pilot Test of an Inventory of Cancer Research Across Federal Agencies 3/97 6091
Evaluation of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) National Research Service Awards for Predoctoral Individual M.D./Ph. D. Fellows, Phase I 6/97 6096
Followup Study of Young Investigators in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences 6/97 6098
Evaluation of the National Research Service Award Research Training Program 7/97 5571
Evaluation of the NHLBI Programs of Excellence in Molecular Biology 9/97 5584
Improving the Non Response in the Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID) to Enhance Inter and Intra Generational Analyses 9/97 555
Survey of Academic Research Equipment 9/97 6121
Survey of Biomedical Research Facilities 9/97 562.2
Vaccine Development: Establishing Priorities for the United States for the 21st Century 9/97 5984
NIH AIDS Research Program Evaluation 10/97 6122
Characterization of User Population and User Satisfaction of the PDQ Database 12/97 6092
Comprehensive School Health Programs in Grades K-12 12/97 5586
Development of a Database for NIH-Supported Rare Disease Research 12/97 6043
Evaluation of New Technology: Audio Casi 12/97 5569
Evaluation of the Institutional Award (IDeA) Program, Phase I: Evaluation Design 12/97 6046
Evaluation of the NCRR Research Centers in Minority Institutions Program Phase I: Planning and Methodology Development for a Full-Scale Evaluation 12/97 5580
Evaluation of the Resource Centers Activities With the Biomedical Research Technology Program of the NCRR, Phase I; Planning and Methodology Development 12/97 6047
Strategic Plan for Public Health Agencies 12/97 6097
Evaluation of Laboratory Animal Use, Facilities, and Resources, Phase II 1/98 6048
Evaluation of NIH Extramural Shared Instrumentation Activities, Stage II: Survey Execution 12/98 5083
Evaluation of NIH Implementation of Section 491 of the PHS Act Mandating a Program of Protection of Research Subjects 12/98 460
Full-Scale Evaluation of the Regional Primate Research Centers Program 12/98 6045.1
Task Force on Genetic Testing 12/98 6090