Performance Improvement 1996. Health Resources and Services Administration


Project Title

Date of
Technical Support for Need Designation and State Primary Care Access Plan Initiatives 1/96 6249
Evaluation of the Health Care for the Homeless Program 2/96 5595
Impact of Section 1115 Medicaid Waivers on Federally Qualified Health Centers 2/96 5738
Changes in Provision of Services for Active/Recovering Drug Users With HIV in Ryan White CARE Act Title I Cities 3/96 6250
Development of a Study Design for Evaluating Variations in OPO Organ Procurement Rates 3/96 6251
Evaluation of Learning Needs Using Computerized Standard Educational Needs Assessment Protocol for Education Training Centers 3/96 5604
The Future of Primary Care 3/96 5612
Lasting Impact of MCHB's Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) Funding 3/96 5748
Quality Assurance Procedures for the Uniform Reporting System for Titles I and II of the Ryan White CARE Act 3/96 5602
Training and Educational Needs of the Public Health Work Force Under Health Care Reform 3/96 5747
A Test of Local-Level Health Care Reform Strategies in Selected California Counties 5/96 6252
Enhancing State Health Department Policy Development Capacity Through Technical Assistance 5/96 6253
Reasons African-American and White Waiting List Patients Are Unavailable for an Organ Offer 5/96 5601
Rural Applications of Telemedicine 5/96 5749
Person-Place Approximations and Utilization vs. Health Status Analysis of the National Health Interview Survey 6/96 5614
Technical Support for Closing Gaps in Low-Income and Minority Populations 7/96 6254
Collaborative Models That Work: Examining the Relationship Between HIV/AIDS and TB Programs in Selected Title I Eligible Metropolitan Areas 8/96 6255
Synthesis of Local Evaluations Sponsored by Ryan White Grantees 8/96 6256
Analysis of HRSA Participation in the HBCU Initiative: FY 1992-FY 1995 9/96 6257
Community and Migrant Health Centers' Immunization Efforts--A Joint Study with the Centers for Disease Control 9/96 4921
Development of a Self-Assessment Tool for HIV Health Services Planning Councils and HIV Care Consortia 9/96 5735
Evaluation of Activities To Reduce Perinatal HIV Transmission: Case Studies and Feasibility Assessment 9/96 6258
HMO Staffing Strategies in Underserved Areas 9/96 259
Institutional Factors Which Influence the Likelihood of Living-Related Kidney Transplant Operations--Part II 9/96 4917.1
Ability of Community-Based Health Organizations To Integrate Services for Individuals With Multiple Risk Factors 10/96 6260
Bilingual Assistance Program: Evaluation of Strategies for Reducing Cultural and Linguistic Barriers to Health Care for Hispanic and Asian/Pacific Islander Populations 10/96 6261
Community Health Center User and Visit Survey 10/96 737
Impact of Section 1115 Medicaid Waivers on Federally Qualified Health Centers and Underserved Populations 11/96 5738 (I)
Sixth National Sample of Registered Nursing 1/97 262
Evaluation of the Healthy Schools, Healthy Communities Program 3/97 5739
Measuring the Costs of Medical Education in Ambulatory Training Sites 3/97 6263
Tracking of J-1 Visa Exchange Students 3/97 6264
Assessment of Bilingual/Multilingual Services Offered at Selected Community and Migrant Health Centers 5/97 6265
Evaluation of Effectiveness and Impact of Community and Migrant Health Centers: Implementation Phase 9/97 4918.1
Effectiveness of the National Health Service Corps 9/98 6266
National Evaluation of the Healthy Start Program 9/98 610